The Queen Of Kings

by Fayne

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(free) 04:05


released November 20, 2014


all rights reserved



Fayne Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: The Queen Of Kings
Be warned, you wont see him crossing, the ocean blue
Unreckoning his armor white and pure
Her every wish, they must endure
He’s enchanted

Now that you see the curse bestowed upon him

Many a throat he has slit for her
Many have known death after dishonor

Her every wish is his command
But this is the only path he knows

Truth may be hard to see
But it was long ago
Before she came to be in power
He was so enchanted with love
Or was it lust that caused his soul to become lost

My ship awaits
Just to be
Forever lost at sea
For you my queen
Your every wish
Let it be
My undoing
Hail to the queen
Track Name: Believers
Come one, come all, step inside and take the times of your life
Like your lips knew the taste of defeat
The torch will be passed down
The failing hands rise

What the fuck do you know about rock n roll?
There’s a new sound coming in, that we’re bringing
And oh you silly girl, they can’t burn down your home
Home you know it is, where your heart is
Home is where your heart is

You were right, my mistakes shone bright like the sun
You’re the one who allows me too, shine on crazy like I do
By my side, and if you should ever leave me
I’ll pull myself out again, without my love you’d be dead

Pull me out in due time to salvage strength to
Pull myself out through, the depths of life’s deepest blues

If you came down tonight it’s to party, if you dig this sound
Get down to the ground, we’ve just lost all control
I like it so down and dirty, if you dig that sound
Get down, let fists pound ‘til we lay in the ground

You think we’re evil but lately you do you know you’ve got it all wrong
This loves not a promise it’s the truth for this world
Like you know you could, just like you know I would
Bring ease to your mind, you know it’s true
We believe in you

We believe in you baby everything that you deem as truth
Never listened to maybe we believe in you
We believe I believe in you even through your mistakes
Never let us down, always stood your ground
We believe in you
Track Name: Concord
I close my eyes so tightly and hope this is a dream
Its not, run as fast as you can
And I know I’m not ready to let you go again
Come on, I can’t leave you behind

And we both have to be ready to go on this
Cold blood covered path
Irrevocably scarred and alone
Baby if I get bit, put the gun to my head, take me home, yeah

So baby if I get bit, just put that gun to my head
And just blow my fucking brains out
I hope you know your own way out
Get out

Hope you know your way out
Because I am so lost
But I know
If I make it to the safe point
Ill be greeted by my friends and family there

Tonight we join together
And we celebrate
Our small victories in this battle called life
So come on
So all my brothers come down
Sisters you’re where you should be at
Tonight we join together and celebrate
The art of rock n roll

My boys like rock n roll

So come on girl hope you brought along your finest dancing shoes
Cause tonight we’re going out on the town
That burns with the sweet scent of chartreuse
If you came to get down tonight
There’s only one thing you should know
When you see these boys around
We get down right dirty
Track Name: Nomad's Land (Featuring Karl Schubach)
Now my sweet child
Are you afraid
Of what you’ll find in the corners of your mind
Or are you a slave
To all the rules
That they give to you and you feel you must obey
Listen to me

There’s a sound deep inside your soul
And when you listen to it
And give it complete control
It can take you out onto
The open sea
Where some go and never return

My brother I’m so happy you
Decided to take this step again

Hitting the road and finding our way back home

And every night when the lights go out we light the torches
Leaving our blood on every stage
Until we retire, we’re home set

Always weathered and torn but ready for this journey home

I want some bloodshed on this floor
Please take me home
Straight to my throne

So now we ride, home is so far away
Carry on, screaming victory

‘Til bloodshed or home sight well find our way home

I would follow you into the depths of hell
Tomorrow we ride
‘Til black of day or dead of night
‘Til bloodshed or home sight

Nomad, make your way back home
Nomad, there’s nowhere left to roam
I said
Nomad, make your way back home
Nomad, these lands you must no longer roam

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